Fly-In Fly-Out

A funny and gritty play about love, chaos ... and fried chicken.
... exceptional script and cast ... a heartfelt and engaging, coming-of-age comedy.
– Scenestr
Light-hearted and hard-hitting. A razor sharp insight into the highly-strung emotions of a FIFO household ... of any household.
– XS Entertainment
Captures the complex reality of young people's lives as they juggle school, work, relationship and families, all set in a FIFO community. You and your students will love it!...
– Debb Wall, Capalaba State College

Jenny's 15 and life's pretty crazy right now. She lives in a small Queensland mining town, she's falling in love for the first time and every afternoon she has to work the fryer at the Chook Nook – where the only thing more tasteless than the chicken is her boss' fake tan.

Fly-In Fly-Out is a hilarious and touching play about family and first love that shows how we strive to adapt when our world is changing around us.

Commissioned by the Education Community Alliance (ECA), produced by debase and supported by Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts and ArTour with financial assistance from the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.

Fly-In Fly-Out is part of a series of plays – the Spirit of Place trilogy. The plays – Snagged, Ithaca Road, and Fly-In Fly-Out – were produced through a partnership between debase and the Priority Country Area's Program (PCAP). They explore themes of place and belonging and were developed in consultation with communities in Central Queensland.

I loved it ... beautifully observed. The characters and situations ring so true.
The performance swept the audience up and didn't let us go till the very end.
– Audience responses, Queensland tour
Fly-In Fly-Out is energetic and fast moving with a rapid tempo that ensures full attention. The characters are instantly lovable. The themes of family, first love, grief, pressure, work/home balance are easily relatable and pose questions for students and teachers to ponder well after the show ... it set tongues wagging.
– Natalie Nunan, Brisbane Bayside College

Script, DVD and online video

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Fly-In Fly-Out script & DVD
Fly-In Fly-Out script published by Playlab Theatre. $25.95 each

Fly-In Fly-Out – class set of scripts (min. 10 script order).
$22.95 per script

Fly-In Fly-Out – online video
$55 to rent (30 days)
$180 to purchase
Watch Fly-In Fly-Out via Vimeo On Demand

Fly-In Fly-Out DVD

Both online video and DVD contain the show – filmed during its premier tour in May 2013, as well as special features and behind-the-scenes shorts.
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